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A delicous Vegan Black Forrest Cake, free from gluten and absolutely divine! This beautiful cake is double layered and has a coconut cream gunache with a hint of vanilla and scattered cherries both in the middle and on top of the cake! You can choose what sculpture you would like on top of your cake and what it is modelled from (either chocolate or chocolate-coated marzipan, or just marzipan!). The one illustrated here, is a chocolate-coated marzipan dog! Yum! If you wuld like a chocolate sculpture and you are vegan, please ask for a vegan sculpture in special requests! A wonderfully light cake, packed full of flavour and great for all occasions! You can also have some writing on the cake such as "Happy Birthday!" which will be written between the cherries and the sculpture in a circle! Please specify in special requests what sculpture and message you would like...anything is possible! 

Sitting Dog (GF, V, Dairy-Free)

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