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A bit about me...

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I feel it important to state, that alongside my passion for baking, lies my love for art. I graduated from Newcastle University with a degree in Fine Art and Design in 2014 and since then, alongside tutoring, my main focus has been portraiture, both of animals and people and has been much inspired by my extensive travels across India, South East and Central Asia.


Having graduated, I set off alone, on a two-year overland adventure, which took me, atop my much-loved Vespa, otherwise known as Grettle, from England to Mongolia, where I taught Fine Art and English in it's capital, Ulan Bator and adopted a small street-dog companion named Molly, before driving back home, with my furry friend on the back seat, in the summer of 2016. Molly, Grettle and I are still a strong team and now reside in Bath, where Arty Bakes & Nutty Ideas has taken off and baking has become an important and much-loved part of my life. 

That said, please don't hold back if you have some marvellous creation in mind; it is the creativity in baking that I am drawn to and so I am more than happy to take on any cake or arty bake commission you might have in mind!

A two year adventure to Mongolia and bac
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To see more of my art and adventures, please go to

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