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Create your very own Arty Bakes box and choose which Arty Bakes,  nutty ideas, cakes or treats to fill it with! Personalise this box with your own message and send it as a gift to a friend! Have a browse of the Arty Bakes Shop and decide which cakes you would like!!  Scroll down to see the numbers that correspond to the cakes and enter the number of each cake you would like to include in your box!

Make Your Own Arty Bakes Box!

  • Cakes and bakes to choose from include 1. triple-choc-chip, walnut & sultana brownies (GF), 2. date & nut bars(V, GF, sugar & dairy-free), 3. apricot, prune & nut bars(V, GF, sugar & dairy-free), 4. fig, mixed fruit & nut bars(V, GF, sugar & dairy-free), 5. peanut, almond, oat & honey bars(V, GF, sugar & dairy-free), 6. granola, honey & fruit bars (sugar-free), 7. mixed fruit, nut and roasted sunflower seed bars (GF, dairy & sugar-free), 8. almond, cashew & coconut macaroons(GF), 9. carrot & pecan cake(GF), 10. sugar-free banana & walnut cake(GF, dairy-free), 11. banana & walnut cake (GF, diary-free), 12. upside-down pineapple cake(GF, dairy-free), 13. pistachio, honey & maple cheesecake(GF), 14. Vegan Black Forest Cake (GF, dairy-free), 15. Citrus Sponge Cake (GF, dairy-free),  16. Almond Sponge cake with coconut cream and apricot filling (GF, dairy-free)!!!

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