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Arty Bakes

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The Arty Bakes Van is a colourful, dog-friendly mobile café based in Bridport. Run by Artist, Baker and avid Traveller, Emma Trenchard, alongside her canine companion, Molly; a street dog whom she adopted in Mongolia and drove back to England atop her much-loved Vespa - otherwise known as Grettle, Arty Bakes is a unique, welcoming and most importantly, delicious pit stop for both locals and tourists who wish to enjoy anything from a breakfast bap or home-cooked meal to a slice of homemade, gluten-free cake, bake, dairy-free ice cream, fruit smoothie, ice lolly and a wide variety of hot and cold drinks!

Arty Bakes is a licensed and registered café, awarded 5* for food hygiene and keeps happy customers, healthy food and a fun, friendly atmosphere as it's no.1 priorities!


Arty Bakes is also active online and via this website, it's possible to order cakes, bakes, postal boxes and commission sculpture cakes!  As an artist, Emma specializes in artistic cakes and welcomes all weird and wonderful commissions you might have so please don't hesitate to contact her if you would be interested in commissioning a wacky creation of your own!

Emma is now taking bookings for children's birthday parties, local events, workshops and festivals so do get in touch if you would like to get Arty Bakes involved in your next celebration!

They really are utterly irresistible, horribly healthy, marvellously moreish and splendidly scrumptious!

A couple of quotes from happy customers...

"They are incredibly moreish, the perfect cheering-up lockdown gift.  A brilliant way of sending affordable lovely treats to to say you care for someone you can't see. They are so delicious."

Jane Turnbull

""" Dear Emma,
Your cake made the party. It not only
looked fabulous and made Mum laugh, it tasted unbelievably good too! Thank you.
X" Clare" Willaby

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